Oh my, this is an interesting and complex issue, please don't go to sleep. Why is this page important? Well, ever since molecules could be extracted from plants there has been an ongoing philosophical discussion. Which is better; an extract containing hundreds of components or an extract containing one or two key molecules? Different companies espouse different positions.

One may express with great conviction that an extract containing just for example CBD or perhaps a very limited mix of cannabinoids is superior for the following reasons. First there is greater control over what is actually present in the product. Secondly that the results can easily then be attributed to those specific molecules and third if there is an adverse reaction it is easy to attribute this to something specific. All of this is of course true and provides a valid viewpoint. 

Another may state with equal conviction that the overall effects of an extract are dependent on the interactions of multiple molecules and classes of molecule within the extract and that there are often synergies between these ingredients, for example between the terpenoid compounds and some of the cannabinoids, or modulating actions between the different cannabinoids themselves. All of this is equally true and provides just as valid a viewpoint.

There is no strict right and wrong, just simply differences in philosophical thinking. At Cannamedica, we are herbalists first and foremost, so the extraction of Cannabis to us is the same as extracting any other plant. Our general belief is in the holistic approach, which populates our belief systems. Thus our preference is for whole plant extracts and this is our primary focus. However we are more than happy to produce products with a more specific focus on specific cannabinoids.  It's a live and let live scenario rather than us as individuals or as a company trying to impress a particular belief system onto others.

On saying the above, quality and quality control are fundamentally important, to us as individuals, the company and the industry itself. Where it is stated that something is in the bottle, it must be in the bottle. It must also be simply labelled and clear to the consumer precisely what is being purchased. All too often we see, this contains 3000mg of a 26% extract of Hemp. Really, how is it possible for the consumer to know what that means without a calculator and some knowledge of extracts?  It is much clearer, and this is what we do, to state, this bottle contains 50mg of cannabinoids per ml for a total of 500mg. Simples.

If one has a great product or range of products, then simple honesty makes life easier for everyone...